Our Mission

To Empower, Serve and Mentor Motherless Daughters

Our Purpose

There are thousands of girls on waiting lists for mentors. Girls without mentors are at an increased risk for experimenting with drugs, becoming pregnant, and/or dropping out of school. Communities with strong mentors are demonstratively less likely to have young girls trafficked into the global sex market. We need more women to step up as role models for young girls; women who will spend time with girls, affirming their worth & empowering them. Every motherless daughter should know she is a woman of value and significance and that she can reach her dream. In developing relationships with motherless daughters, mentors can make immediate and long-term differences in these girls’ lives by encouraging and empowering them to become all that God has created them to be. Our purpose is to create a legacy that motherless girls who are mentored with wisdom, love and empowerment will one day pass on the same to future generations

Our Vision

That every motherless daughter, whether her mother is deceased or is absent physically or emotionally, would know that her dreams matter and there is someone who cares.That every motherless daughter would have a nurturing advocate in her life to set goals, teach life and leadership skills, and reaffirm her ability to reach her God-given potential.That every motherless daughter will know that she has hope and a future!