Sisters at Sanders
September 18, 2017

Our 2017 scholarship winners were announced this past month, and it was our pleasure to get to meet all of them! Their prompt, “write a one page essay on your dreams, life goals, and why this scholarship would help you achieve your dream” allowed us a chance to scratch the surface of how being a motherless daughter effected their choices for the future. Now meeting these wonderful young women, we are so excited see where they take their scholarship. As part of winning the scholarship, they not only receive money for school; they are also able to decide if they would like to be mentored.

Our mission: To empower, serve, and mentor all motherless daughters.

After only knowing these women through their words on the applications and essays, we arranged a winner’s luncheon, complete with a spa day. Though they may have been motherless, they held themselves as gracefully and empowered as any other woman. These girls, in order to be considered for the scholarship, had to be motherless; and though that is a hard question to ask, it is even harder to answer, “yes”.  Though, you would have never known from the excitement that was pouring out of the room as the women received facials and shared moments they are sure to carry with them through their lives. Congrats to these ladies, and thank you for sharing your experience with us; here’s to your futures and what you will accomplish!


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